Monsoons are all about relishing delicious side-dishes and snacks! Whether eaten as a snack, main meal or even for breakfast, this tangy Sing-ChanaChaat is arguably the most popular dish in India.


1 cup Raw Peanuts

1/2 cup Kabuli Chana

1 medium size Cucumber

1 de-seeded Tomatoes

1/3 cup Raw Mango

Finely chopped Green chillies

1/4 tbsp Red chilli powder

1/2 tbsp  Roasted Cumin powder

2 tbsp Chaat masala

Salt as needed

Fresh Lemon juice

Finely chopped Coriander leaves


Total Time: 30 Minutes | Preparation Time: 25 Minutes | Cooking Time: 5 Minutes | Difficulty: Easy

– Soak peanuts and kabuli chana overnight and pressure cook with little water and salt until soft. Leave it to cool.

– Finely chop all the veggies with Boss Axe Chopper

– In a bowl combine together boiled peanuts, boiled chana, finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes, green chillies, raw mango and little salt. (Remember we have cooked Peanuts and Chana with salt, so add less salt.)

–  Add chillipowder, roasted jeerapowder, chaat masala and fresh lemon juice to taste. Mix well.

– Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves.

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