Policy Related

What is your Return Policy?

If your goods are purchased from www.bossindia.com & are deemed faulty within 7 days we may replace them free of charge or refer you to your nearest approved service centre.

If you notice any damage to your goods within 24 hours of receiving delivery please notify us immediately by contacting Customer support, evidence of damage is required i.e. photographs.

Warranty Related

What is warranty on my product?

Please refer to the instruction manual to know more about warranty period and terms & conditions.

Where can I find product model no?

It is mentioned on the product as well as on packaging box.

  1. Hand Blender – On top cover of the product
  2. Iron – On Back cover of the product
  3. Mixer Grinder, Juicer, Food Processor & Other products – On the bottom of the product

What if I misplace warranty card?

Warranty Card & Invoice copy is mandatory, incase both of these documents are misplaced then Manufacturing date mentioned on the product will be considered as a date of purchase.

How can I avail extra 6 months warranty on my product?

To avail extended warranty, Click here to Register your product.

What if my appliance is faulty?

Contact nearest BOSS Service centre. Click here to find out.

Online Order Related

Can I modify or cancel my order once it is submitted?

You can modify / change delivery address / Contact details within 24 hours of placing the order. After 24 hours orders cannot be cancelled.
If you are not able to change / modify details, you can mail on info@bossindia.com or contact on 9167681234 between Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am – 5,30 pm.

Why do I need to provide my email address for Guest Checkout?

We request an email address for guest checkout in order that we may email you your order and shipment confirmation. It is for your convenience and we do not store the information for any other purposes.

If my order didn't go through, why does it look like my credit card was charged?

If you have placed an order online which has failed the funds will not have been taken from your account. Even after authorization, your transaction can still fail. If the transaction fails after authorization the funds will still be reserved on your account. Although they have not been debited from your account they will appear to have been taken. The reserve can last up to 7-10 working days before it is automatically lifted / reversed from your bank.

This is not controlled by us, and we cannot remove this from your account. If you would like to get the reserve lifted you will need to speak directly with your card issuing bank. They will be able to help with removing the reserve and making the funds available to you.

What are the order statuses in 'My Orders' ?

The order statuses you will see in ‘My Orders’ under ‘My Account’ are:

  • Processing: Your order has been received and the warehouse is preparing for shipment
  • Shipped: Your order has been shipped and the tracking information is available
  • Completed: Your order has been delivered
  • Failed: Your order has been failed
  • Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled either via customer request or because there was an issue with fulfillment (if the order is cancelled by BOSS you will be notified separately)

When I put something in my cart, does it guarantee I have the merchandise?

We strive to maintain that the correct availability is reported when you select the item you would like to place in your cart. Unfortunately, if another customer buys the remainder stock of your item before you make your purchase, the item with is reported as unavailable when you go to checkout.

How do I place an order?

  • When you see an item you like, please specify the quantity & color you prefer then click “Add to Cart.”
  • After you add an item you may continue shopping until you are ready to complete your purchase.
  • At any time you can click on “Your Cart” at the top right corner of the screen to view the items you have selected.
  • After you have made any changes and updated the quantities as desired, click “Checkout” to finish.
  • You will then be prompted to fill out shipping and billing information.
  • Finish by clicking “Place Order.”
  • Be sure to look out for a confirmation email in your inbox soon after.

When placing an order and entering my payment information I get an 'Authorisation Error' message. What does this mean?

An authorization error could mean several things. First, please be sure that all billing information is correct. Make sure the pincode entered is valid. Second, be sure to check the expiration date and CVV number on your card. Also, please be aware payment mode is accepted by BOSS. If you are still receiving an error message and you feel that all of the information entered by you is correct, you may contact your bank for further details. If you are using a debit card it’s possible you may need to adjust your credit limit for larger purchases.

Do you offer coupon codes?

From time to time we may have special offers and will offer coupon/discount codes for use in the checkout process. To learn of these upcoming offers please register and sign up for our newsletter.

What forms of payment are accepted online?

BOSS accepts the following forms of payment: Net banking, UPI, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, & other E-wallets . We currently do not accept cheques, cash or money orders.

How do I change my login information?

You can update stored information in your account at any time. To view or change your existing account information including password, please sign in to “My Account” using your current e-mail address and password. In “My Account” you can edit any of your saved account information.

Why isn't the website working properly for me?

We apologize if you ever encounter difficulties with our website. In order to try and help you resolve you can contact customer support on 022-61084499 between Monday and Friday 9am – 5pm or use our contact form. The information that would help in our research would include:

  • A short description of the issue (i.e. you cannot view all or part of a page, items can’t be added to your cart, you can’t complete checkout, etc)
  • The type of device you are using – a laptop, desktop or mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • The browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc) and the version of your browser. You can check your version by going into the Help section of the Browser toolbar and selecting the ‘About’ option

Is gift packaging available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gift wrapping or gift cards at this time, but we are always looking to make improvements and hope to offer these option in the very near future.

Service Related

Where can I order spare parts for my product?

Spare parts for the appliance can be ordered by contacting our customer care at customercare@bossindia.com

Can I return an item to a retailer that carries your product?

Our retail partners will not accept returns for product not purchased from their physical stores. You must return from where the purchases were made.

Product Related

My food processor is brand new and it will not turn on.

The food processors are equipped with a dual safety lock in which the processor will only run, if the working bowl and lid are properly locked in place. Place the working bowl on the motor block, matching the guide openings with the studs on the motor block. Turn the working bowl clockwise, guiding the nozzle on the lid into the safety lock opening in the motor block, until you hear it snap in place.

Is my food processor dishwasher safe?

All parts (except the motor unit) can be cleaned in the dishwasher at temperatures up to 65 °C. Pulp and other residues should not become dry before the appliance is cleaned.

Tip: The appliance may discolour when processing food with high degree of pigments (e.g. carrots); use vegetable oil to clean it, before cleaning with detergents or in the dishwasher.

My food processor stopped while I was using it.

The units are equipped with a safety fuse which prevents overload of the motor. It is possible that this is the reason why the unit stopped or will not turn on. Turn the unit off and let it cool down for 15 minutes. If, at the end of this period, the unit still does not run, repeat the cooling off procedure. It is very important that the unit is in the “off” position, because the motor will turn itself on automatically after the motor has been cooled off. If the unit still does not work, it is recommend that a BOSS authorized service center be contacted for service

Can I process boiling hot ingredients with my food processor?

No, let the liquids or ingredients cool down to room temperature to avoid damage.

What is the best way to puree solid ingredients?

Feed small portions into the jug gradually rather than adding large quantities at one time.

Can I use the main blade on my food processor for processing dough?

For the best results, we recommend using the kneading attachment, which is specially designed for making yeast dough, pasta and pastries. For mixing cake dough or sponge cake, we recommend you use the main blade.

How can I clean stained plastic parts of my food processor?

Some kind of food can lead to discoloration of the plastic. To remove these stains, try wiping them clean with vegetable oil before washing them.

Can I process all types of food in the Vegetable chopper?

The Vegetable chopper is especially suitable for vegetables, cheese, herbs, chilis (with water), walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and prunes. Please note that it is recommended to make use of the highest speed level when processing hard ingredients – e.g. parmesan cheese. It is not recommended to process very hard foods in the chopper. Ingredients like: Ice cubes, nutmeg, turmeric, coffee-beans, grains etc are not suitable for this chopper.

How do I clean my mixer grinder?

Simply wipe inside and outside with a paper towel or brush out excess grinds. The lid can be washed in warm soapy water. Do not immerse the main body/Motor into water this may cause damage to the product. For further clarity, please refer to the instruction manual.

What are the blades on my hand blender and mixer made of?

The blades on the hand blender, Mixer and chopper are made of Stainless Steel.

Does my mixer have an overload protection system?

If the unit is overloaded, the motor may automatically switch off. If the motor stops or runs slowly, turn the unit off so the motor can cool down. After a cooling period of at least 10 minutes it can then be switched back on.

When do I need the whisk?

You should only use the whisk for whipping cream, beating and mixing sponges & ready mix desserts.

What is the Pulse function used for?

The pulse mode is useful to chop delicate and soft food such as herbs or parsley. This will cut the food rather than mash it and ensure all contents get thoroughly processed, particularly when chopping. The pulse is used to carefully add flour to dough so as not to affect their creaminess and can be used to add whipped cream etc to more solid food.

For what kind of foods is the hand blender shaft suitable?

The hand blender is excellent for preparing dips, butter, buttermilk, sauces, soups and baby food. It is also suitable for mixing drinks and milkshakes.

Is the hand blender and attachments dishwasher safe?

The motor (all electrical parts of the appliances) should be cleaned with a damp cloth. All other parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. When processing very salty food, the blades of the shaft and the chopper should be rinsed right away.

How can I continuously operate my hand blender?

All BOSS hand blenders are designed to be used for a maximum of 3 minutes. Operating the hand blender for more than 3 minutes may result in the motor overheating. The unit should be allowed to rest for 1 minute before continuing.

Why is my toast too dark?

Check the browning setting selected. Select a lower setting next time.

Why is my toast too light?

Check the browning setting selected. Select a higher setting next time.

Bread gets stuck in the appliance. What should I do?

1. Unplug the toaster and let it cool down first.
2. Carefully remove the bread from the toaster. Do not damage the heating elements when you remove the bread. Never use a metal object for this purpose.

What does the LED light on my iron mean?

A constant light means that the iron is heating up. When it switches off, the desired temperature setting is reached.

Is the wattage important for the performance?

The wattage influences the performance to a certain extent.

How can I clean the soleplate of my iron?

Before cleaning, the appliance must be unplugged and cooled down.
– The soleplate can be easily cleaned with a cloth.
– Scouring pads, vinegar or other chemicals must not be used.

What happens if scratches appear on the soleplate?

Even though it is very unlikely to have scratches on BOSS soleplates, small and thin scratches won’t impact the ironing result.

What is the chopper attachment for?

The chopper can be used to chop, shred or mince a wide variety of vegetables, meats nuts, or herbs.

Can I chop hard or frozen food with the chopping attachment?

We do not recommend chopping hard or frozen food, such as coffee beans, turmeric, grains, ice, nutmeg etc with the chopper.

How to fix the blender blades if it is too loose or too tight?

You can contact us on +91 9167681234 between Monday and Friday 9 30 am – 5 30 pm or you can write to us on customercare@bossindia.com so that we can assist you with the reference video.