Spice up your regular hot chocolate with cinnamon. This belly-warming and delicious drink will keep you warm and cozy!


  • 3 cups non-fat dry milk powder
  • 2 cups powdered/confectioner sugar
  • 1½ cups cocoa powder (good drinking quality)
  • 1 cup chocolate chips (semisweet or dark)
  • ½ cup white chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon, ground
  • ¼ teaspoon salt


Total Time: 20 minutes | Preparation Time: 10 minutes | Cooking Time: 10 minutes | Difficulty: Easy

  • 1 – Place all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and whisk them together to combine.
  • 2 – Puree the mixture. Add the mixture to the BOSS A1 Food Processor. Pulse until the entire mix is finely ground.
  • 3- Transfer the grounded chocolate mix to an airtight container. Store it in a cool, dry and dark place. (You can use this mix for up to 3 months)
  • 4 – Now whenever you feel like drinking this hot chocolate simply boil 1 cup of water in BOSS Magica Kettle.
  • 5 – Add 1/3 cup of the mix and pour 1 cup of hot water in a mug. Add whipped cream for garnish, if desired.
  • 6 – This mix makes about 20 cups for use over time.

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