Nothing can match hot vadas on a cool breezy rainy day. We give you an easy-peasy and deliciously cruncy Moong Dal Vada recipe to enjoy along with the rains.


  • ½ cup green moong dal (whole)
  • ¼ cup chana dal (Bengal gram dal)
  • 2 finely chopped green chillies
  • Salt to taste
  • ¼ Tbsp asafoetida (hing)
  • Cooking oil


Total Time: 1 hour | Preparation Time: 30 minutes | Cooking Time: 30 minutes | Difficulty: Medium

  • 1. Soak the moong dal and chana dal in the warm water bowl for 5 to 6 hours or overnight.
  • 2. Drain the water and grind it well with Boss RufTup commercial mixer using a little amount of water to make thick vada batter.
  • 3. Transfer the batter in a bowl. Add finely chopped chillies, asafoetida, and salt. Mix well and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  • 4. Heat oil in a frying pan. Once the oil is hot, make small balls of the batter and drop in hot oil carefully.
  • 5. Deep fry the vadas till it turns golden brown and crispy on medium heat.
  • 6. Drain the excess oil using absorbent paper and serve hot with coconut or green chutney.

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