Choosing the right mixer grinder for your home: 750w vs 900w vs 1000w

Mixer Grinder- 750w vs 900w vs 1000w

Mixer grinders aren’t just ordinary kitchen appliances; they are culinary assistants, making choosing the correct assistant of paramount importance. But the best mixer grinders aren’t just the ones that shine the brightest or are available in your favourite colour but also the ones that best suit what your kitchen needs and save not just money but also energy.

Speaking of energy, we’ve all noticed appliances differentiated by the number that’s usually 750, 900, or 1000 before the watt (‘W’) sign. You’re sold what best goes with the nature of your cooking. This rating signifies the total amount of electrical power that your appliance consumes. Determining the ideal wattage is as simple and subjective as evaluating your usage, but let’s help you with making your decision between 750, 900, and 1000W mixer grinders.

“What can a 750W Mixer Grinder Do For Me?”

A 750W mixer grinder can handle heavy grinding tasks, including grinding coarse spices and nuts. When placed in a household setting, a 750W mixer grinder is also best for making your idli, dosa batters, chutneys and even grinding soft substances. These mixer grinders consume less energy and help you save majorly on electricity bills. While speaking of cost-effectiveness, 750W mixer grinders are the lightest on your pocket therefore making them the best choice for your everyday, household requirements.

“Why Should I Choose a 900W Mixer Grinder?”

A 900W mixer grinder goes a little farther. It can grind harder substances like coconuts and tougher spices and nuts. Since it consumes greater power than a 750W mixer grinder, it is faster, more efficient, and saves time in the process. These mixer grinders are more expensive to purchase and due to their energy consumption, also make you pay more for electricity.

“How is a 1000W Mixer Grinder Useful?”

1000W mixer grinders are highly versatile and used for heavy-duty professional purposes. These mixer grinders are the most expensive and can cater to much more than day-to-day cooking. If you’re picking it for a restaurant or a business, this is an ideal choice for you. This mixer grinder has superior efficiency when it comes to mincing, juicing or simply processing foods. They are the most expensive when we talk about purchase, use, and maintenance.

Here’s What We’ve Got For You

A trusted brand to buy mixer grinder online, Boss offers a variety of mixer grinders that consume varying degrees of energy.

If you’re looking for the best mixer grinder 750 watts, take a look at what our collection has to offer:

  • 3 Variable Speed with Incher
  • Multiple, highly robust and extremely durable jars with polycarbonate dome lids to hold the contents properly in place and intact.
  • Auto cut-off technology
  • Shockproof high-grade ABS Plastic Body
  • Integrated with the Water Draining Facility

The 900W Collection offers

  • 3 Variable Speed Control with LED Light
  • Multiple jar attachments  made from heavy-duty stainless steel for dedicated tasks
  • The stainless steel jars have super sharp blades that cut through the hardest ingredients and give the best wet and dry grinding results.
  • Durable Coupler made of strong plastic material for firm engagement between the jars
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Overload Protector

The 1000W Mixer Grinder Collection offers

  • 3 Variable Speed with Incher
  • The 1000W Motor is designed to grind the most solid ingredients to a smooth texture.
  • High-quality stainless Steel Jars that are specially designed rubber gaskets (Which are made of food grade material) for the lids of jars that guarantee a tight fit and smooth and secure locking.
  • Sharp & Superior Stainless Steel Blades
  • Durable Coupler
  • Water Drain System

We cannot lay enough emphasis on how important it is to choose the correct mixer grinder that suits your needs. Selecting the right appliance will allow you to bring out the best flavours in your dishes and help you save both energy and time. Logon to our website today and pick from our range of unique kitchen essentials!

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